ASL - What Is It?

Ask Sponsored Listings (ASL) is a product given to advertisers that helps add to the likelihood of attaining more search engine results. is directly connected to the service. In 2005, Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings was initiated, and it allowed many advertisers to buy, maintain, and optimize PPC campaigns found on

The network contains roughly 100 search sites including, portals, technology, travel, and many business entities. Here is a list of a few of them: Excite, Evite, Pronto, Cursor Mania,, Indeed, Mamma, Dogpile, and many more. Advertisers attempt at any cost to create keywords that will hopefully trigger their ads, as well as specify the most possible amount of money that the advertiser is willing to pay on each click. After this process is set in place, the marketing campaign will be added to the ASL network. So if a searcher looks for a particular item or service related to the terms, then the network can be seen as sponsored links within the search results.

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Ideally, when certain advertisers create the ASL marketing campaign, they will initiate a listing, which includes the following type of element: title, display URL, and description. Besides only the listing copy, most advertisers will choose keywords that allow their ads to show up as a user searches the ASL sites. It is important to understand that the ASL, SEM program works on a PPC or CPC basis, which means advertisers are only charged when potential customers click on their website and listing. Overall costs tend to vary quite a bit, depending on the demand for those designated keywords, which will target the options that are chosen by advertisers, as well as capitalize on the most money that the advertiser is willing to pay on each click.

Currently, there are roughly 75 million users involved in ASL because this marketing campaign allows the ability to increase traffic for merely a fraction of the actual industry cost. Moreover, ASL allows for exceptional customer service, which includes research specialists that can assist with individual accounts. From just about any type of small business to the larger businesses, ASL delivers outstanding results to those that take advantage of its effectiveness. What is also great about ASL is that you choose exactly how much you would like to spend on the campaign. Some useful features include expanding overall search, free account setups, the best in research, conversion tracking, ad scheduling, and geo-targeting.

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